Floki the Creator
The 1st and only community-focused token on BSC that combines Rebase with USDT rewards!
Floki the Creator, spiritual father of all Flokis on the Binance Smart Chain watched patiently as wayward Floki offsprings ran wild on the BSC. Instead of financial freedom, they brought financial crisis.
His vision for a blockchain is slowly destroyed by the greed and dishonesty of his minions. Now, he says, “Be damned, dishonest spawns! Your end is near!” Enabled by The Deployer, Floki the Creator has come to lead us to the golden age of financial freedom. He is here to save every investor that these wayward minions have burned. Floki the Creator’s mission is to help you reclaim everything you’ve lost to the rogue Flokis of the BSC!
“The market is imperfect, but it was never meant to be so vicious. In its current state, it is only a matter of time before another investor gets liquidated of all their asset. The Deployer could not let this go on for much longer.
That was why he sent Floki the Creator as an Elastic Rebase Token on the Binance Smart Chain. As a rebase token, Floki the Creator’s task is simple - protect investors from the unforgiving nature of the market.”
Last modified 10mo ago
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